Nonprofit Board of Directors Governance and Engagement

We provide the support and guidance to turn boards into formidable allies for your organization, ensuring that every member feels valued and engaged.

We Know What Drives Engagement Because we Have Walked the Walk:

Leading, Serving and Staffing Boards

Specialized Certification

We are Board Source certified in nonprofit board consulting, equipping us with the knowledge to support your unique needs.

Proven Leadership in Fundraising

We have extensive experience leading board fundraising efforts from both staff and member perspectives. We know how to demystify the process and effectively engage your board members.

Our Approach: Building Effective Parnerships

An exceptional board is diverse, engaged, and strategically focused, maintaining a keen eye on the organization’s goals while fostering a genuine partnership between staff and board members. We focus on:

Strategy Alignment

Ensuring your board's activities are closely aligned with your organization's strategic objectives.

Engagement and Value

Helping each board member recognize their crucial role and the impact of their contributions of time, talent, and unique assets.

Fundraising Support

Offering dedicated support to navigate the fundraising landscape, ensuring board members feel confident and capable in their roles.

Transform Your Board Today

Ready to elevate your board’s effectiveness and impact? Contact us to discover how our tailored consulting services can transform your board into a dynamic force for your nonprofit’s mission.